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About us


The FIRST International Professional Women’s Network dedicated to gender balance, women’s leadership and career development

  • 700+ members in France
  • 4000+ members across 30 + cities worldwide
  • Launched in Paris 24 years ago and run by 60+ volunteers
  • 60+ events per year with 4 Major Programs 










Accelerate professional development and women leadership throughout their career

  • Including by fostering women accession to governance bodies (e.g. Boards, Executive Committees)

Inspire civil society, public institutions and companies to accelerate gender balance for a better society





  • Kindness : Every PWN member is accessible and open minded – don’t hesitate to reach out!
  • Boldness : Dare communicate, get involved, again reach out to us and to PWN members!
  • Collaboration : At PWN, you will find friends, collaborators, partners, clients… we are here to create bridges
  • Respect : Everyone is welcome within PWN as long as we are all respectful of each others 
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